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12-15ml Polish Bottles 15N

12-15ml Polish Bottles 15N


Use the finest Italian glass nail polish bottles, caps and brushes ensuring your products look fantastic, stay in excellent condition and deliver on your quality promises to customers.

Nail polish bottles have a variety of neck sizes and hold different volumes of polish. When choosing a nail polish bottle, ensure the cap will fit the neck size eg all Polish Bottles 13N will fit all the Caps 13N regardless of the volume in the bottle. Likewise, the Polish Bottles 15N will fit all the Caps 15N regardless of the volume in the bottle.

We will ensure the correct fit for your nail polish brushes and caps. All bottle volumes are the recommended fill volumes. These are the volumes that should be displayed for customers. All the bottles, caps and brushes are suitable for cuticle oils. If you are filling bottles with cuticle oil, it is recommended to wash the brushes in acetone and allow them to dry before filling the bottles.

Check out the black painted nail polish bottles for nail treatments or gel polish. Painted with 2 coats of UV protective black and tested for product stability, these nail polish bottles will keep your UV curable gel nail polishes in great condition.

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